Radiometer products may be covered by one or more of the following patents and patent applications


ABL80 FLEX analyzer series

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ABL800 FLEX analyzer

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ABL90 FLEX analyzer

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AQT90 FLEX analyzer

US6551833, US7348157, US7922986, EP1473567, EP2130050, JP5149913, DE602004001533, DE602008051294, CN101632023, CN104569454 

In addition, for the NT-proBNP parameter:

Manufactured under license from Roche Diagnostics. 


US6654622, US7474908, US2007-0238943, US2017-0067851, CN100471451, CN101415364, EP1753343, EP2007272, DE602007037543.6, JP4558041, JP5798098, JP6166444, DK178770

In addition, for the TCM TOSCA and TOSCA 500 systems:

This device is covered under one or more of the following US patents:

5,758,644; 5,823,950; 6,011,986; 6,157,850; 6,263,222; 6,501,975 and other applicable patents listed at:


US7896818, US8444621, EP1549385, JP4229908

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